A downloadable game for Windows and Android

A game where you echolocate in corridors to walk to the objective. You need good memory, sense of orientation and location, and a stronk brain to imagine 3D spaces

This game was a test of some of my code, and now  that everything worked perfectly, i am starting work on a sequel of this game using most of the code from this one, hopefully making a game with great visuals, maybe story, while maintaining the same game mechanics.

Install instructions

Download .zip

Extract it to a folder

Open Release

open Ka.Toast's Echoing Corridors.exe

--- ANDROID ---

Download .apk

Find it in file browser and open it

Install it. If it prompts you if you really want to install it, click yes

Play the game


KKEC_0.7.zip 18 MB
gameandroidv1.apk 18 MB

Development log

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