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It's been almost 2 years now. I'm still awaiting the SHOPPING sequel, I have faith in you KaTa and I promise you i'll get world record all over again in the next game to come.

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Great game but i want to know the code in the extras version 1.1 aka the final release

also i set the resolution to 0,0 as a joke, and now it is permanetly broken no matter how many  times i re download it


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My personal record is 45.14 seconds. Anyone beat that?


Seems like a fun game, getting like 5 fps on toaster, sadly

If you're still supporting the game, a 0 effort for the potato computer users among us is a resolution scaler 

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Having played most of my life in 800x600 on a 1080p screen, i know the feeling. I'm working on a resolution selector and i'll try to add it. Thanks for letting me know.


i played your game and it was fun. like the graphics. it would really help out if you could check my channel out and possible subscribe!!

Hey thanks for checking it out!

no problem it was fun

so fun that i still played it even tho it ran like ass on my pc could you make more graphics options tho i wanna see this in all its glory either way good game

Hey, sorry to hear the game didn't run well. Sadly the lowest graphics setting is literally as low as it is possible without changing the resolution.  But thanks for checking it out anyway!

well more resolution options would be nice ive played multiple games in 800 by 600 


anyone know the codes?? i can't discover it by myself u-u (yes im so dumb)

im not able to use my mouse, when i left click the X in the middle dissappears and still cant look around

That's because on the old versions of the game the default sensitivity in settings was set to 0, which you have to change to be able to move the mouse. It's fixed since update 6.8 or so.

is there a way to get the extras?

Not currently no, but you can download version 6.4 where you can play with the extras.

hey this updates pretty cool but i have one suggestion so when someone clicks customize it should bring them to a screen where they can rotate all around and see the cart from all angles. then afterwards the cart can resume its regularly scheduled shenanigans

Sounds amazing, going to go work on that right now.


dam shawty ok

Ayee it's my mans thanks for checkin it out

Shopping has never been so much fun! haha good game! :3

My gameplay if you wanna take a look: 


I already said thanks in your comments but thanks again for checking it out!

Fun game. Hoping there will be some more updates.

Hey thanks for checking it out, and yes there will be updates until I release version 1.0.0. And after that's released i already have ideas for DLCs.




Awesome game, had loads of fun with this and I'll be keeping an eye to play this again later down the line. Made a YouTube video if anyone's interested though!

Hey thanks for checking it out, amazing video!

how do i unlock extras

Extras are removed for the time being since I'm reworking the map. But don't worry, they'll be there in version 1.0.0 and older!

oh ok. but how do i download the older versions

Click download and download update 6.4, i think that one should still have the extras

oh ok thanks a lot. really cool game btw

Heh thank you too


Still an awesome game!! I hope you guys like what I did at the end!

Thanks again man!

No Prob!


Your game starts at 10:40


Big thank you for checking it out! Also for everyone reading this, i fixed the problem with the default settings being 0.

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Really fun game! For some reason I really enjoyed literally just shopping lol XD

P.S. I hope its ok to have link to my youtube video that way people can see what the game is like.

Yes! Thank you!


10/10 Would Pog

epic gamer victory royale 

good game but it was confusing at first

Thanks, i'll add an objective somewhere in the corner so you can see objective.

I mean its pretty simple and it does the job, a good game


Thanks, I'll increase the map size and add more content soon.